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Jared - Haleiwa, HI
"Rhett Scheurn is one of the most talented videographers I have ever met.  His style, unique creativity, unprecedented eye, and camera angles capture the most captivating of moments.  He writes story through video and truly captures the emotion and feeling behind the lens."   
Raynee - Queen Creek, AZ 
Shooting with Rhett was probably one of the coolest things me and ray have done!! Everything about the shoot was just a. success and the way Rhett was, there was never a dull or awkward moment or having to fake a smile because he's constantly running around to get the best shot. The whole shoot was just chill and the most stress free thing ever because Rhett was so laid back the whole time and there was no rush. Everything was perfect, I can't thank him enough for what was done!!
Jason, 35 - Tampa, FL
Tanner - Mesa, AZ
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Jason, 35 - Tampa, FL
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